Airclima is the only company in the market offering a full omnium contract for up to 8 years

Up to 8 years full omnium for your cooling installation
  • Airclima is the only company in the market offering a full omnium contract for up to 8 years.

  • We do in-depth preventive maintenance.

  • We make a difference by cleaning into the slightest detail.

Contracts running
full omnium contract
Preventive maintenance

A maintenance contract with Airclima means preventive maintenance and cleaning throughout the year! Lower efficiency, corrosion, obstructions and flooding all belong to the past. We preventively replace parts that show signs of wear and tear. And there is more: our cleaning quality is unequalled in the market.

This leads to a longer lifecycle and a lower energy consumption.

Remote control

Many of our installations contain a built-in supervision system. The actual condition of your installations is visualised by a central control system. This way, we get all the necessary information regarding pressure, temperature, humidity, operating times, open valves, and many more.

This allows us to detect problems upfront and to steer the installation remotely.

Leakproofness check

If you sign a maintenance contract with Airclima, you immediately comply with the legal obligation for leakproofness check.

What if?

You still have a downtime? Than request an intervention (also during weekends), wherever you are located in Europe. An Airclima technician is on his way with replacement parts and will fix your problem.

In case of an omnium contract, we will cover all the costs – e.g. broken compressors, ventilators, straps and bearings.